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The Premier of the Cayman Islands is the political leader and head of Government and is appointed by the Governor in accordance with the Cayman Islands Constitution.

Duties of the Premier

In addition to his constituency work, the duties of the Premier include:

Cabinet: The Premier can request Cabinet meetings; set the agenda of Cabinet meetings, along with the Governor; and chair those meetings in the Governorís absence. The Premier also advises the Governor as to who should be appointed as the Deputy Premier, and the Ministers of Cabinet.

Ministerial: Premier McLaughlin has responsibility for Human Resources, Immigration & Community Affairs.

Legislative Assembly: The Premier sits in the Legislative Assembly as political leader of the Government and manages and advances, together with the Deputy Premier, Ministers, and the back bench support, the business of the Government.

The Premier also consults with or advises the Governor on appointments to various Constitutional commissions, committees and councils.

Duties of the Office of The Premier

The duties of the staff of the Office of The Premier are to support the Premier in carrying out the functions conferred on him or her by or under the Constitution.

The Office of The Premier falls under the purview of the Cabinet Office.

Last Updated 2018-10-11